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Fitness Classes

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I've been working with Craig for 4 years and I am 82 years old.  Both of our goal is to get me to 100!

Hedi Zienowicz

Hedi (2).jpg

If you want results that come from someone with extensive knowledge, who relates to the person and is a hardcore gym enthusiast, Craig is the trainer for you!  He will design workouts that are specific for your needs without you having to second guess the effects.  You will have that good workout soreness the next day.  Changing your body is not easy, but Craig's programs are enjoyable.  The moves are unique and effective, creating a very stimulating workout. We are teachers and parents of young children, with little to no free time, so having Craig there to create concise high-intensity workouts was the best choice for us and will be the best for you too!!

Erin and Eric

It's difficult to find the words to adequately express the positive effect working with Craig has had on my quality of life.  I am a chronic Lyme disease warrior who thought my weightlifting days were over when joint pain took hold.  Craig works around my limitations and teaches me to adapt exercises so that i can maintain fitness, flexibility and muscle tone.  Even during virtual sessions, Craig's ability to read my body language and adjust the exercises to eliminate pain is unparalleled.  Craig is gently encouraging on my more difficult days  and willing to yell at me when I ask for it.  I consider working with Craig an integral part of my treatment plan.  

Maria Chapman


When I first started going back to the gym, I met Craig and he encouraged me to try an introductory training session.  Fast forward 4 plus years and countless sessions later, and I continue to train regularly with Craig.  Working with Craig has transformed me; physically and mentally.  He has an innate ability to know what you need from him.  He senses when something is off and he pinpoints exactly what is needed.  I am very thankful to have Craig as my trainer, mentor and friend.  

Diane DeRoy

I have been working out with Craig for years and he always pushes me just the right amount to do more.  He mixes up the workouts, makes them fun and I never feel like i'm doing the same thing over and over.  Added bonus - I can do the workouts via video chat from home.  Never having to leave my house makes it quick, efficient and comfortable. 


Prielle Kane 


I have been training with Craig since the summer of 2017.  As a former Division 1 swimmer, Craig was able continue training me at that level while also working around some of my limitations.  During my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that affected my joints and ultimately posed as a challenge to my training.  Fortunately, I was able to continue swimming and maintain a highly competitive status in the pool.  Strength training and conditioning came with many struggles and Craig helped me attain goals that I never believed were possible.  He continues to push me to do my best.  To this day I still train at the Division 1 level, because of Craig's ability to personalize workouts that meet my needs while keeping me comfortable, strong, happy, and both mentally and physically healthy.

Erica N.

I have been working with Craig for over a year now and have accomplished so many of my fitness goals, and created new ones along the way.  If it wasn't for Craig encouraging me and challenging me, I wouldn't be in the place I am now - felling fit and healthy!

Courtney Lewis 

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