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Big Results, Less Time: Keep Your Body Guessing With High-Intensity Training

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When looking to lose weight the formula is simple, eat less and move more. There are a lot of different ways to exercise, from low intensity to high-intensity intervals. If you’re looking for maximum calorie burn, here are some ways to optimize your fitness routine.

Two types of workouts burn more calories than your traditional cardiovascular or weight training, endurance and high intensity.

Endurance workout includes a marathon or a long distance swimming. These workouts are slow and steady over a long period of time. They burn a lot of calories because of the simple fact that it takes a lot of energy to work out for 2 hours or more.

Short, high intensity are much easier on your schedule. This style of training is great because they burn calories during and after your workout. This duel effect, known as afterburn, will increase your metabolism. Here are some different styles of short, high intensity workouts to get your calorie burn up and your waist size down.

Not sure where to start? I Got You!

Before you start any exercise routine simple warm-up is crucial. This dynamic warmup will help get your body ready to exercise and help prevent injury.

  1. Walkout pushups (10,8,6,4,2)

  2. Walking Lateral Lunges steps (10 steps right/10 steps Left)

  3. Pushup Position Alternating step-ups (20)

  4. Squats with Alternating Knee Hugs (20)

Bodyweight Workout

You have enough resistance with your own body weight to get started. This is an excellent workout for beginners who need to learn how their body moves without overloading joints and muscles with extra weight. Your body will learn how to respond so that when you add weight you avoid injury and get great results.

  1. Jump Squats (20) reps

  2. Pushups (20) reps

  3. Mountain Climbers (30) reps

  4. Russian twist (30) reps

  5. Forward-Backward Lunges (15reps each leg)

  6. Burpees (20) reps

  7. Elbow Plank (1 minute)

  8. Jump lunges (20) reps

  9. Elbow Plank-Pushups (10) reps each side

  10. Wall sits (1 minute)

Complete all 10 movements back-to-back with no rest. Once finished with all 10 rest 60-90 seconds then repeat 3 rounds.


The definition of intensity, Tabatas have you alternating 30 seconds of hard effort with 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes. What’s great about this style of training is that you can do this anywhere, no equipment is needed, and it’s not time-consuming.

Tabatas will raise your heart rate, pump up your muscles, and increase your fitness level. This one will have you alternating 2 exercises targeting the same muscle group. Going from one to the next sets you up for a kick-ass workout in a short period of time.

Lower-body Tabata #1

30 seconds of Speed Skaters

10 seconds of rest

30 second Wall Sit

10 seconds of rest

Lower-body Tabata #2

30 seconds of Reverse lunges

10 seconds of rest

30 seconds of Jump Squats

10 second of rest

Do 4 rounds of both or set a timer for 4 minutes

Upper-body Tabata #1

30 seconds of Pushups

10 seconds

30 seconds of Hand Release Pushups

10 seconds of rest

Upper-body Tabata #2

30 seconds of Alternating Side-Side Pushups

10 seconds of rest

30 seconds Pushup with Alternating Knee Tuck

10 seconds of rest

Do 4 rounds of both or set timer for 4 minutes

Endurance/Abs Tabata

30 seconds of Burpees

10 seconds of rest

30 seconds of Sumo Pop Squats

10 seconds of rest

30 seconds of Bicycle Crunches

10 seconds of rest

30 seconds of Low Back Hyper-extensions

10 seconds of rest

Do 4 rounds or set timer for 4 minutes and work the entire time.


Training with kettlebells is beneficial because it improves your body composition, generates total body power, and builds muscle simultaneously. Because of how the weight is distributed, kettlebells force your muscles to counterbalance, improving your stability and balance as well.

These movements should be performed unilaterally, meaning one arm at a time, which further engages your core. Go from one move to the next then rest 90 seconds before repeating all movements 4 rounds

Do 15 reps each arm or leg:

  1. Single-arm swings

  2. Squat to Single-arm overhead press

  3. Single-arm bent-over row

  4. Single-leg Romanian deadlift

90-second rest, then repeat 4 rounds

TRX training

TRX workouts are like bodyweight exercises leveled way up thanks to the use of suspension. TRX not only increases total body strength to burn calories throughout the day but also increases your heart rate to help improve body composition. TRX training truly works stabilization and core muscles, with a bonus of conditioning your entire body as well.

Perform each exercise with the TRX for 1 minute each:

  1. TRX Jump Squats

  2. TRX Pushups

  3. TRX Back Rows

  4. TRX Reverse Lunges

  5. TRX Tricep Extensions

  6. TXR Bicep curls

  7. TRX Hamstring Curls

  8. TRX Pike Ups

  9. Side Oblique Crunches

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 4 rounds


With all these styles of training, you can prevent boredom with the same old routine you have been doing for the last year. The best part of these high-intensity workouts is that you can mix them up throughout the week to keep your body guessing. Variety is the key to busting plateaus and maximizing results.

Whether you need help getting started, or want guidance on how to change up your routine, hiring a personal trainer is the key to success. At I Got You! Fitness Training we start at your current fitness level and customize a program that will increase your confidence, decrease your waistline, and elongate your life.

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